Sunday, July 20, 2014

A few sneaks of what I've created lately...

I have others but I don't get to even share a sneak of those yet :) 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

July Guest Designer for Gossamer Blue

You can see the July Guest Designer posts on the Gossamer Blue Blog(PART 1 & PART2) featuring my layouts and answers to the questions they asked me. You just might find those answers interesting, after rereading them posted on the blog I found it interesting how open i was so head over and read all about it. 

Have a great day! ~MK

Monday, July 07, 2014

Mo Kisses on Monday

Today I'm sharing my latest projects created with the June Hip Kit Club kits. You can read more about my post HERE.

Loved the bits and pieces from this kit but I really loved the papers especially this Webster's Pages but I really wasn't sure how to use it til I started creating this page and that's when it all fell into place.

Just another simple and quick Mandy card. 

Thanks for stopping by! MK

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Sneakage of Something Fun

Can you guess what I'll be sharing soon by this sneak?

Twelve Things Tuesday

That's right this Tuesday is brought to you by the number 12. I'm going to share twelve wonderful and not so wonderful things I've learned and know right now. K are ya ready?

#1 my grandparents are the smartest people EVER! Seriously, they know everything. Sometimes I have no clue how or where they learned but they did and I'm glad they are passing it along to me.

#2 detergent whether it's dish washing or laundry does not and I mean never ever feel ok in the eye it hurts so bad for hours and hours. Like your eyeball is going thru every cycle the washer has to the point you'd like to pluck it out. That was me yesterday.

# 3 there is no greater or more stressful gift in life than children!

#4 you can love your spouse, they can be your best friend, but they will also be the first person to drive you crazy.

#5 there are stupid people in this world get use to it.

#6 Google has the answers for everything especially all the stuff yOu did not retain in high school.

#7 when the sign says stop you really do have to stop! Don't fool yourself by rolling thru it because you'll never get away with it ask my sister in law.

#8 opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

#9 take the time to enjoy your kids while they are little. Life doesn't rewind it only fast forwards.

#10 just be who you are and people will either like you or they won't. If they don't then it's their loss not yours!

#11 everyone needs to try a lemon drop at least once in their life they are wonderful

#12 live it, love it, laugh about it, be it , do it, enjoy it, remember it.

Do you have a 12? Do share.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday Hip Kit Club layout & Card

Hey y'all! It's me with this weeks Sunday with Mandy projects from my post on the Hip Kit Club Blog you can read the full post HERE.
I absolutely love this new Echo Park line!! The colors and patterns are fabulous!! I did some layering and stitching which you can read about on the link above. This wasn't exactly the photo I planned to use but I like how it turned out so it's a winner :) 

A fun and fast card created with leftover scraps from the layout above. Again the colors!!!

I've survived the weekend from Hell! OMG it's been a doozy. Let me just share the Facebook status to give you an idea.

Off to bed. Maybe a rambling Monday post. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello Summer

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing my last 2 projects created for Evalicious. The last few months creating with Eve's products have been fun and I suggest when she has her new dt call in the fall y'all apply!!  

One thing I really loved about creating with the Evalicious products for the last few months was that  no matter how old or new the paper I was creating with her product still works, it's like that little black dress. On this layout I used old Sassafras Lass pattern paper.

I had a basic simple design in mind when I started creating this layout. I wanted to stick with just a few colors and I made a I searched through my Evalicious products I pulled all those colors that fell into the the scheme. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.  
Thanks for joining me today!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Right Now - Hip Kit Club

Hey y'all! Taking a minute from this busy crazy week to share this recent layout and tag created with the awesome June Hip Kit club kit. Having so much fun working with Kimberly and the design team over the. Love the kit they are totally up my alley every month. Really excited about July!!  

This layout was really simple and easy to create. I say that a lot I guess but I'm that kind of scraper it has to be simple and easy. 
 Usually we create a card and layout weekly for assignments but sometimes cards bewilder me and I can see you rolling your eyes now saying what? but seriously sometimes I just can't do the card thing so I opt for tags. I've always loved tags no matter how my style, love for layouts or minis etc has changed I've always loved creating tags. This week I decided forget the card I'm making a tag because the card just wasn't working for me. This tag was snap snap and done. You can see my blog post with 5 tips/tricks on the Hip Kit Club Blog.

Off to try to figure out how to get the girls new show to work online since we missed it the other night. wish me luck.