18 Months is Too Long

It's been 18 months since the last update on this blog and that's way too long my friends! Today I'm clearing out the cobwebs and blowing off the dust. I want to get back to blogging to share our life, to document the memories for the fab 5, I want to share this change in life and the bumps along the way, I want to share my passions and loves again, this journey with teens and puberty, I want to share this country life we love, My bucket list and the checking off of that list, the ups and down and the fun, I want to share the amazing animals that have healed this girls soul, I want to educate and make a difference for Mav, I want to share this life with Autism and how amazing this child of mine is, I want to show you fabulous photos, share recipes, maybe a few scrapbook pages too, I want to connect with old friends and make new, I want to share it all, and I want to get back to "that Mandy" again. I miss her. 


Lisa said…
I've missed you, too, my friend! Looking forward to your shares and your stories, your creations and insights. Love you!

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