Early Bird today

Well I'm an early bird today so I htought I would write a few things.This week has been going alright I think Teagn has to go to the dentist for the first time today and yes i am taking my camera to capture the moment lol.Mom is going to come watch the little turd birds for me and Jess is giong with Teagan and I. I got another layout done lastnight I really like how it turned out will have to upload it later. I have been trying to do the FH2S challenges but everytime I get them done I am a day late and a dollar short it seems or I get them done and I don't like the way they look so I won't post them on there I need to just put them on there and be happy but I ma my worst critic.I rearranged my scrapspace last week, I'm still trying to get it organized that is a never ending battle right there man eveytime I think it's going to be neat and pretty woosh it looks like a tornado hit again lol not a tornado just me scrapping.I went garagae saling wiht mom last Friday and got the girls new wardrobes alot of the clothes had tags on them still I'm going to take a pic and scrap it we got some really cute stuff for a heck of a deal.Mav only got a couple things it's so hard to find boys clothes around here guess everyone has girls.Oh got my new CK magazine the other day love it!Hopefully one day I can open it up and see my own work in there lol someday! I love Ali Edwards columns love her style she's awesome!!! I really shoud buy her books they would be a good investment I think the Lss in GR has them will have to check next time I'm in there.Wow this is just a bunch or rambled thoughts it probably makes no sense but today is just a thought day I guess. till later...


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