Where to Start?Hmm,,,,

OK so I'm new at this whole blogging thing you could call me a blog virgin but I needed a place to share my scrapping and a place to get my thought wrote/typed out.As I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to write with all thats bouncing aroung in my head at the moment I get all emotion I think about all that has happened in the last month and I just get a little overwhelmed my darling little man was diagnosed with Autism. Mav being diagnosed is one of the hardest things i have faced in life getting kicked in the head by the horse was nothing compared to hearing my son is Autistic just a sec (the tears are falling).....hearing that broke my heart no mother ever wants to hear that, life is hard enough without having to deal with all that an autistic child goes though. I love him so much I wish I could just make it all go away but I can't no one can it's there for life. I'm now trying to raise Autism Awareness, it's suprising how little most people know about Autism when it affects 1 in every 166 children.Since the diagnosis I have turned to scrapping more, it's the best therapy for me I can look at the beautiful pics I have taken of my family I can journal my thoughts, I have some me time sometimes it's us time since the kids are up here too, and the best part I'm preserving my kids memories in the best way I LOVE IT!!I have even started trying out for Design Teams and I'm thinking about submitting to magazines too.I will upload some of my latest layouts today. oh yeah a little about me I'm a stay at home mommy to 3 beautiful children and married to my soulmate Louis. I have been scrapping for about 3 years, I have become more passionate about scrapping in the last year.I love photography I uauslly always have my camera handy, my family thinks I'm crazy but I love it. More to come later.....


Martina said…
welcome to blogging Mandy!!!!
It is lots of fun!!!!

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