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RECAP of this year:
Jan 9,2006 1:17 pm
Avery Ella Koeppen was born wow it was amazing for the 3rd time
Started home visits for Mav, Breastfed successfully
Louis turned 27. Louis and I have been together for 7 years true love has been found!
I turned 24 woohoo, Autism Awareness month. Went to Build a Bear for the first time and I have to say if ya never been that is a must do thing in life!Easter was fun this year the kids thought coloring the eggs was pretty cool and watching them was a blast!
Mavrick was diagnosed with Autism. Please spread the word about this everyone needs to know about Autism it effects 1 in every 166 kids an boy is that scary. I finally got enough courage to post my layouts online and wow got some good response to them so glad I did it now!Avery Ella got her ears pierced.Teagan decided she need a change in looks and cut her hair all by herself YIKES!
We learned that our little man has some hidden talents like knowing how to play the Xylophone totally awesome that the kid loves music his fav is Johnny Cash.Poor Louis got injured at work he was fixing one of the machines and while doing it some of the chemicals that they use at work got on his pants and knees and well took the flesh off his knees he now has some really bad scares and problems with his knees. I actually did a ME layout and posted it online.
Teagan went to the dentist for the first time and it didn't go so good. Avery Ella took her first dip in the pool.Avery started crawling. Grandma and Grandpa Bursley celebrated their 46th Anniversary wow isn't that something.Company picnic the kids had a blast. Zoo trip the kids love the animals.I changes my scrapping style went from 12x12 to 8.5x11 and can I say that I love the 8.5x11 size!
I made it I finally made it! My first publication was in the Ready Set Create Aug/Sept issue. So exciting! Louis and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary.
Mavrick started school and was it hard to let him go but wow has it done him good I couldn't ask for better people to take care of my child while he is there, Marilyn and Khristine are amazing women and I am so grateful for the 2 of them!Another publication this time with Scrapstreet ezine how cool! Also made not 1 not 2 but 3 Design Teams. ScrapNCircle, Scrappy Girl Designs, and Moments 2 Remember Scrapbook Store. This is awesome something a girl dreams of. Teagan turned 4 she is growing up so fast too fast really! Kortney gave birth to Zoey Lynn.
Avery Ella started walking. Had a blast at the Elks Halloween party that they throw for the Special Ed program in Barry County.Laci had her baby boy yes a boy it was suppose to be a girl but tada it was a he Kevin Scott Jr. Had a ton of fun Trick~or~Treating with the kids this year they raced from door to door giggling and screeching all the way.
Mav had to have stitches thanks to my moms dog. Mav turned 3 man his is a big boy!I yes me Mandy Koeppen made her very own Thanksgiving dinner and it was delish!!So proud on my self.I actually got a picture of my children with my biological father never thought that day would happen but it has. Our well broke so we had to bunk at moms house for a week till we could get it fixed finger crossed its all fixed now.
Here we are the end of another year wowo its been a doozy again. Teagan got her hair cut yes the long blonde locks are gone traded them in for a cute short do.She loves her new hair and so does mom now we won't have to fight everyday just to comb it. The kids are excited about Christmas this year Louis and I love that its so fun to see them get so excited. the kids have been sick alot this year which is no fun but I think alot of it is from school.

This year I have created, I have lived, and I have certainly loved and been loved!!!

Mav is doing great in school I am so proud of that little man! I just can't believe he is 3 even though he looks like a 6 yr old he is still my baby. Avery Ella waves bye bye and blows smooches it's so cute!Never thought that having 2 girls would be so crazy lol they fight over babies and one being closer then the other oh man its a circus around here. I have to admit that Teagan is just like me yes I am saying this she is like me in just about every way stubborn, sassy, emotional oh the list could go on and on.I Love my kids man they are awesome and beautiful I am truely blessed!!!Louis, God I love this guy he is amazing and I don't know how I got so lucky to get him. He goes to work 7 days a week lately to a job that basically shits on him especially after the whole knee injury, and still comes home with a smile on his face every night. Even in the darkest times which there have been some of those lately he still keeps truckin on and holds his head high even when I know he is fighting back the tears. Me well I am still chubby as even but hey at least I got a guy that loves his chubby girl right? YES! I am to the point in life that ya know things an beauty doesn't matter I have my family and my scrapping, and life well its good even when its bad! WE have had our far share of things gone bad this year so i am very happy that this year is almost done. So with all that said Happy Holidays and Here is to a wonderful New Year!
Till then ~


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