Oops Mommy Moment...

yeah that's right I had another oops or should I say DUH Mommy moment today.When we took Mav to school I noticed the sign for Kindergarten registration but didn't think much of since I just knew T was scheduled for Friday at 8 am WRONG it was today at 8 am and we made it thank goodnesss I looked in my little back book when we got back in the car we had 3 minutes before the appt. Everything went good I asked if she cooperated since it was early for her and she has been a little not so friendly in the morning but the tester lady said she did good and was even a little chatty.After she said chatty I thought oh great what secrets did she blab this time? This child is so good at telling others all sorts of info that you really don't want your 4 yr old telling but like she says it's the truth mom well ya but you don't have to tell everything even if it is the truth. She reminds me of that girl in the movie Kindergarten cop that says"Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina." Oh the joy of children lol.
On a scrapping note I finally ordered my goodies yesterday with the gift card D and Holly got me for my Birthday. I am very excited since I ordered some fun stuff (it took me 4 days to decide lol).
I have to share I made a mini album for Mav's Teach Khristine and she loved it. I was so nerveous about the book but she was happy and so was her hubby he took it to work with him today. She gave me permission to put it on the net so I will share pics later after I get them uploaded since I travel at turtle speed it takes alot longer.
I am loving 7 Gypsies right now man that company rocks so many cool supplies to use! Also loving MME transparencies they are neato to use! Love my Daughtry cd too awesome songs and get me reved up for the day. Love seeing Louis driving his Mustang gets all those old butterfly feelings back when I see him. Love hearing words coming out of the kids Mav has a few new ones this week and so does A. love the great outdoors it's been nice and sunny so lots of Play happening here and T just loves outside and all the critters coming out.Love seeing smiles they are everywhere such a good thing!Love creating and love the reaction that my creations are getting.Love Beef Jerky man that stuff is good.Love my online buds they are some awesome girls!Love being a momma (I spell it like this cause that is how it comes out of Mav's mouth)! Love life and what I have in it!!!
Hope you are having a great week and take the time out to right down 5 things that you are really loving right now.


mcewen said…
Each word can be precious, just watch out you don't turn into a syllable counter like me!
Scrapthatpaper said…
MORNING girl!! IM sooo glad you finally got to using those gift cards.. I cant wait until you tell me what you got with them! Guess Ill be calling today hehe...

SO glad you made the registration for T.. Thats awesome.. YES kids do chat.. They tend to say some funny things or things U wouldnt imagine them saying!

Your sucha great momma and dont ever let any one tell ya different!

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