Do you do it? I tend to alot lol. I was reading some earlier entries I have made an I do alot of rambling like I am now hmm imagine that. ok so sotp rambling and just post what's been happening(this is not good i sound like I am talking to myself now.

Lots of change happening here but change is good right? I guess sometimes it is.
I got to finally sit in Mav's class a couple days this week and see the Mav in action and it was so cool! I got to see him put the puzzle together and wow it was one of those moments for me. So proud!!He is too cool!
Went to Toys R Us this weekend donated to Autism Speaks and the nice cashier gave me some stickers and the buttons that the assoiciates at the store get to wear I thought that was pretty cool.
I had a little bit of an emotional thing this weekend wasn't good but at least I think it is all out of my system. I think it has something to do with my Birthday tomorrow it's a big birthday for me and I just am not feelin the love for it.Oh well it will be over tomorrow night then no thinking bout it for 365 more days.
I keep thinking about Ali being in Michigan and not being able to meet her this year but hey that's life get over it right there are things you have to wait for and this is one of them.
T is spending time with Great Gramps and Grams she got to go shopping yesterday and pulled the whole what did momma do when she was younger thing on Grams. I think it took Grams back and relive those special times her and I have had.
Grams sent up my BDay card the other day and it made me cry she put some mushy notes in it.She is one person that really thinks I am something and is proud of who I am. Love her!
Avery Ella is that a Daddys girl to the fullest. She is up his butt all the time it is kinad cute though.She is getting a bunch of teeth and gets to go to the DR tomorrow for some shots fun fun for momma.
Oh got a few more layouts done for YSS the other day they are in the gallery over there I need to add them here maybe later.
That's all for now this is getting to be a long entry lol toodles~


Scrapthatpaper said…
OK whats YSS!? Im glad you were able to spend time at Mavs class!! Im sure it helped you undersatnd more of whats going on there and how they do things.. Thats always reassuring!! Dont let the Ali being near by get you down! There will be a time when you get to meet her!! JUst patiently wait and it will make it that much more rewarding for you!
Lots of love!

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