It's been a week since my last post wow hard to believe. We have been playing outside alot lately which is so much fun. Grams and gramps surprised us last Sunday with a new trampoline w/ a enclosure thing so the kiddies are safe. The kids love that thing Mav is using his words while jumping too which is totally cool he says "I jump?" Heck ya you jump little man. He giggle and jumps then bounces to a lay down position too cute. Teagan has so many stories now from jumping on the trampoline I broke this while I jumped or I jumped so high I ... well you get the picture a 4 yr old full of stories lol. A just doesn't know about that thing yet. My big kid Louis aka hubby loves it too mav and dad have a blast on it.
This is Mav's last week of school he gets out for the summer tomorrow which is cool but hard since I'm not sure how the summer will go being that his routine will be different and he won't get his daily dose of Khristine and Marilyn but hopefully we will see them during the summer. We are going to make some play dates with Maddie his little girly friend from school he really does like her and she likes him too he is her "Mabick" she is too cute! Also going to try to get lots of fun activities in for him and T this summer since they both need it. Avery and I got to stay with him at school today which was fun took some pictures of his friends so he has the pics to look at this summer. A had lots of fun hanging out with the other kids too.
Teagan is visiting with Gramps and Grams for a few days which is always tons of fun.She will have lots of stories when she gets home for sure. I need to get grams and gramps a digi camera and show them how to work so that they can take pics while the kids are down there they always have fun and I wish I could see all the things that they do while they are there hmm will have to talk with Louis about getting the camera. Mav is going on his Adventure with Gma and Gpa this next week he loves their bed its comfy and shrek is always in the dvd player.
Not much planned for the holiday weekend just staying around home think. Oh we are putting up the pool. Well Mav is ready to go outside so I guess that is my cue to get off here will post more later if I can~Toodles


Scrapthatpaper said…
wow i cant believe school is almost over myself.. This year has gone by so quickly.... congrats on the New trampoline kiddos!! Youre going to love it.. My kids have one and love jumping on it!!!

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