Wednesday, August 29, 2007

one more week

That is all the summer vacation we have left. man time has flew by. Kids are getting excited about school at least I know Teagan is Mav will be next Wed when he knows what is happening again. I am both happy and nervous about the starting of school. Happy because I will get a few hours 2 days a week to myself and Avery which will be nice a little down time not on my toes lol. I am very nervous about Teagan going all day not sure how she'll do hopefully she will find some friends and love school. Also nervous about Mav going back, he has had change this summer which is a good thing but with change come some bad things too like the loss of old words and now I think his hearing is getting more sensative because he has these screeching episodes and I worry about how those will be at school. So Khristine if your reading this before i am able to talk with you be prepared for a mommas little cry fest when we chat about Mav. I just worry so much about my babies which is good but bad too I have been thinking about all this for over a month now and it has really gotten to me my belly gets all upset and the tears come the nerves go nut and I shake yikes I think i am fallin apart lol. ok on to other stuff...
Louis has been sick the last few days I mean sick he is ralphin and the whole nine yards poor guy I have never in the 8 yrs that we have been together saw him this sick. He still gets up everyday to go to work too. No one else in the house is sick thank goodness hopefully he will be all well soon!
Was able to scrap a bunch the other day which made me so happy! Got some things done for myself and some other projects for others too.
Today I think the kiddies and I are going to go to the park and have some fun! We went to Gma and Gpa's house yesterday it was nice getting out. Gma cut Mavs hair too since that is a difficult task for me to do by myself and he adores Gma so it was a little easier to do it there.not much else just going to enjoy the time we have! have a great one toodles~

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