Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We had Spring Break last week and I really didn't want to go back to the everyday this week. It was so nice just living life not worrying about what time it was and oh the sleeping in was so nice. We spent alot of time at my mom and dads house just hanging out with mamma, pampa, and jess. It was pretty nice weather here so we got to start walking and we are able to use the new covered wagon Avery got for Xmas finally. The fresh air, the frogs croaking, the birds chirpping, the kids running around in sweatshirt enjoying everything was awesome love it! Spending time with the fam was nice i am in count down to Summer Break now only 7 weeks wohhoooo!
Mav had to go to 2 specialist last week went ok but now we have to move up his Ortho appt because of some issues he is having and they are concerned. We did Build a Bear jsut the dude and I it was fun you can see some pics on his Blog MAD 4 MAV Also had to take Teagan to the dentist and she has to have some oral sugery done on her mouth because she is having probs with some teeth and they think it is because of something in her system since she brushes everyday 2 times and takes flouride. She is on a sugar free diet which is killing her cause she wants to eat what everyone else does and the kiddies at school don't understand why she eats different then them.We are waiting to see what the insurance says and waiting for the Dentist to call.Trying not to worry things till we get closer to the date.
Got my Design Team projects done for Your Scrapbook Stash. I really like how they turned out. Cool thing happening at the Stash if you upload your work to the Gallery at the end of the month Erica does a drawing and will send the winner a prize she gives great stuff so I encourage you all to upload!
Here is one of my layouts you can view my other layouts and mini book HERE


Dolores said...

I love your new layout, Miss you girl!

MichelleStrachan said...

Hey, Mandy! How are ya? Great layout! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Girl, I do check yours once in awhile; sorry I don't comment more often. Hey, I FINALLY did get IM, but have only gone there twice. We need to catch up! :D