Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scrapbooked a lot this weekend. Louis gave me inspiration and wait till you see that layout I think most you reading this blog will say huh he what but he did and it inspired me I will share when the puter at home works. I am documenting my life this week going to try to focus a little more scrapping on myself.Thanks to Louis for that inspiration too. Men can't live with them can't live without them.
This week is a big adventure week for us Mav has Dr appointments, Teagan goes to the Zoo, and so much more. We are one week away from the last days of school. I started a new diet this week am going to try to loose weight this summer I really need to. I need to do something with my hair too it's driving me nuts feels yuck so maybe a trip to the beauty shop this weekend. I found a new Sunday paper favorite they have a showcase of cool finds and I love looking at it every week. I am going to go this week to get a couple things I found in the article. I am loving reusing stuff right now. I told Louis I would like to have a weekend getaway jsut the 2 of us to some town with cool shops would love to find some old stuff on my wish list.
GOtta share this my mom is a total garge sale nut (me too) this weekend she found this awesome I mean awesome antique motorized kiddie car when Avery saw it this morning she flipped she loves it wants it to go vroom. took pics will post soon.
Have a great one~

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