Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iS iT rEALy

that i can't keep up with blogging or is it that I don't think my life is interesting enough for others to read about? NOt sure really most of the time you read about happy stuff all over even on scrapbook layouts but really people come on we live in the real world nothing is ever smooth and happy flowing all the time. I want to see the raw truth the real deal don't you? Yes so I did a layout about me the raw truth flowed through the journaling I read it a week later and really couldn't believe I wrote that, the chick that keeps most things bottled up wrote that? Yep I am here I am real and so is my life. I really think that is why I don't blog on a daily basis I just can't share everything because most would think I am crazy and my life isn't a rockstar life either so it could get a little boring reading this.and not to mention I babble and just type what comes to mind.
Peace ~

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