Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tim, Keli & Aydin (oops forgot Tracker the dog)

Took a few pictures of my fav cousin Tim his wife Keli and their Beautiful baby Girl Aydin the other day. I love that they stay true to who they are no dressy get up for them just some hoodies, blue jeans, and a smile. I took alot of pics but here are a few that I think they will like. I was asked the other day which was my favorite and none of these were my favorite one I didn't post my fav here maybe I should but then I would get what the heck why does she like that one? I love the natural pictures not the posed ones where you can see the true connection between Tim and Keli, the ones that you can see how much that baby girl means to Tim, the one that shows Keli wiping drool off Aydins face, The one where TIm is sitting holding Aydin in his arms jsut looking at her with the biggest smile on his face but its not the greatest shot to me these are the priceless beauties maybe no one will like them but I love them. I am not a photographer by all means you can tell that by where I take pics and what ends up in them like these they were taken in the front yard, on the front porch, a wood pile in the back yard, a horse pasture, and by the driveway. I will never win any awards and Im sure people will think to themselves she must think she is something but come on look at those nothing great well to me they are like I said above I love them! I love capturing life wether it be some great shot I never thought I'd get or the blur of my children running away from the camera. Enjoy life capture while you can!

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