Friday, January 02, 2009


I have found happiness in my life. I wasn't sure I'd get to this point but I am. I am very glad to see 2008 in the past I'm excited about what 2009 will bring to my life.

Working on my scrapspace still just can't get it figured out yet its a big change from my closet at the old house the new space is big and wide open. Trying to see what will be good for storage and I want to make sure I can see my supplies if I see it I create with it and the stash goes down. Been checking out others spaces I love being able to use some of my stuff I had from the closet space and working in some leftover furniture we're not using like the purple antique dresser of Averys. I'm thinking I might drag my other half out to go junking after I decide what else I could use in the space. I'm loving old stuff now my mom kinda looks at me like what? But I love the mix. And everyone knows how much Ali E inpsires me so I have really been inspired by her way of thinking about old and new too.She's fab!!
Rambling Mandy lol

Kids are great Mav is doing awesome this year so much change with him and its been an awesome journey. Teagan is so mature and doing great at school. She started Brownie Scouts this past October and loves it so don't be suprised if I hit you up to buy some delish Girl Scout cookies come Febuary. Avery Ella will be 3 next Friday Jan 9th its hard to believe but its cool.She now has a bestest friend that she talks about and gets to play with about once a week. She's beautiful like her big sis but unlike Teagan Avery is a billy bad ass sort she tells all what to do and is stubborn and a bit og a bully lol she takes care of business for Mav and T.
Ok Enough for now much love.


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