Sunday, January 04, 2009

I went to church this morning thinking my dad would be there so I would sit with him.Nope no dad he decided to stay home and not brave the roads since we got a bit of ice lastnight.Anyhoo I decide I'm going to just go in and sit by myself enjoy the messege for today since its been doing me really good to go with Dad(My dad is Catholic and goes to Mass every Sunday which is great). So I go and all is well feeling a little ackward by myself but its ok so we get to the end of Mass and I decide Ill leave before the crowd as another lady exited I followed only to have the door of the church slam behind me and heard someone say jeesh I felt and still feel like a big douche bag. I can hear the people talking now oh look at that chick running from the church so fast she had to slam the door ahhhh I feel real weird Louis says I think and let things bother me too much.

I have picked my word for 2009 Peace. You can read more about the words of the year on Ali Edwards blog.

Have a great Sunday! We are suppose to get more freezing rain and snow today looking like there may be a snowday for kiddies school in our future.


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pati said...

Mandy, I saw your comment on my Peace Blog and had a few moments to check out your Blog. Peace is a great word to work for the year....or longer. I have loved using quotes for my Peace study. This past year I haven't been as good keeping up on my Blog. I hope to get back to a more regular posting of peace quotes and photos again. Thanks for visiting my Blog.