Saturday, January 10, 2009

YSS Birthday Bash

Hey all skip over to The Your Scrapbook Stash Birthday Bash I'll be the host for the week. There will be all sorts of cool stuff going on over there and of course if you like my ramblings here you'll like them over there even if you dont like my ramblings just check it out. YSS is having a big sale to make some more room for CHA goodies. Come on over please.

Teagan is going to her first ever Birthday Party at a friends house today then we are having a mini i mean mini Birthday Party for Avery at home. When I say mini i mean mini like when Louis asked me whos coming I said well theres you, mav, Teagan, me, maybe A's little friend Caitlyn, maybe Gma Pat, maybe my parents and of course you get it mini. WE took her to the store last night when Louis got home to get her Birthday gift so she could pick out her gift since it would be more fun for her wink wink. She took forever oh man I thought Teagan was bad when it came to shopping A had to look and relook at everything try it out change her mind a bunch of times till dad found a pony thing and mom found a baby with a stroller guess whos find won MINE ha Louis a pony over a baby come on lol. Birthday dinner want to guess what we had????? Mc Donalds my baby girls favorite place she wants to go there everyday asks begs for MIckydonalds and chocolate. She got her wish granted a burger and fries with a cool little doggie toy. She was happy!Look for a Birthday mini later in the week I took pics all day yesterday of her to the point she said no more mommma no more pictures I said.

ok rambling done. have a great Saturday!

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