Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Girl Scout Lock-in

Teagan and I had an overnight up all night adventure this weekend. Friday night we went to the Girl Scout Lock-in it was our first time and we had a blast. THey crame all the girls and mom into a Library (and overflow in the halls) to sleep then you get to go swimming, play games, hang out, watch moves, crafts, dance, and eat all kinds of fun stuff. It was an all nighter thing you could sleep if you wanted but most of the girls made it till 2-3am then they started droppign to count the sheep. Teagan made it till almost 3 she had so much fun it was cool to watch her she is growing up..I love her so much! She hung out with her buddy Amanda she is our scout leaders daughter pretty cool girl she is and totally not catty or mean like some of the others. We got to do a little shopping too Teagan had to get a girl scout doll buddy to take home and a few patches she gets so excited over the patches. I do too. I had a lot of fun chatting and playing games with the other moms. I stayed up till 6 am the next morning when I crashed in the bed at home Louis was chatting with me an the next thing he knew I was snoring lol. i didn't get much sleep though Louis had things we needed to do on Saturday and then mom and dad took te kids so wecoul dhave date night I was so tired but we had a nice time together.
Monday Teagans friend Kennedy came over for the day the girls had fun with her here. I am still yawning from all the hub bub this weekend and a long day yesterday. I think I'm going to try to brib Avery to take a nap while the big kids are at school today lol.
Oh a Mav moment yesterday I have to share it's so cute. We made pancakes for dinner lastnight Mav was watching and "helping" one of the pancakes was puffing up so I patted it with the spatula as I disthis Mav says "wake up pancake wake up" it was so cute I was chatting with mom on speaker phone at the time she thought it was the coolest thing.He isdoing so good this year I'm so proud.

Here are a few pictueres from Friday night not the greatest (it was dark and inside and I used the old camera ahh)but I still love them. I didn't get to many taken that night but it's ok I enjoyed spending the time with Teagan.
Playing games in the open Gym

hanging out
Eating dinner and her new buddy Haylee the doll

have a great day!!



Jenn said...

Just stopping by to say "thanks" for visiting my blog and to check out your cool spot on the web. You've got some great links on here that I've been busy checking out. That's the bad thing about these blogs...I always find more stuff...YKWIM. Have a blessed week.

Heather said...

Hey there! I just got your comment on my blog. Thanks for the well wishes. It's miserable when they are all sick, and go figure it would be when DH will be away for the weekend. I was checking out your layouts and totally see why you got picked for the Scapperie gig. I love your style!!!

~Nancy~ said...

Looks like you girls had so much fun! Love these pictures!!!! Hope you're having a great week until so far. Have a great weekend!! XOXO

Stacey Michaud said...

What a busy, but fun weekend! I can't wait for my kids to get a little bit older so we can have experiences like that!!!