Thursday, March 12, 2009

Teagan's a Brownie

This is the happenings with Teagan and Brownies right now...
This is what Teagan and I are doing (lol this mom looks better then I do)
And here are the goods ..
And the low down on the goods if anyone is interested
Cookies are $3.50 a box I will ship to you since I'm cool like that
Cookies will be in April 14th

Cookies this year:
Lemon Chalet Cremes
Dulce De Leche
Sugar Free Chocolate CHips
Thin Mints

Just wanted to share that with you all if anyone is interested just email me at and we'll get some ordered.

Teagan is really enjoying this whole Brownie Scout thing and I have to say so am i. I never did any Girl Scouts or anythign like that so this is all new to me too. Louis did Boy Scouts so he knows more about the cool stuff then I do. WE have had lots of fun experiences so far. Teagan had 6 different patches now and a few special fun patches which is cool.
Ok done with looking a bit pathetic with the whole sales thing.
I have started the count down to April already going to be doing some fun stuff to raise Autism Awareness this year so look for some giveaways and othe cool stuff then. Just so ya know one of the giveaways will be a box of the yummy Girl Scout cookies lol we ordered more then my hips are going to agree with.
have a great day thanks for reading this.

these pictures were borrowed from various places on my google search.I take no credit for them in anyway.


Stacey Michaud said...

Giggle! I love Girl Scout Cookies and just ordered a bunch!

*Paula* said...

LOL - I love the image :) Very cute. I'm avoiding GS cookies this year, although I did buy a bunch and donate them to soldiers :) said...

Hey, I put the money in the mail to you on Friday!

Heather said...

Awesome! I never got to be a girl scout so I think it's really cool that you are helping your daughter!