Monday, October 12, 2009

Hello Monday

Ahh this week has started out with a bang. I woke up thinking hmm wonder what time it is it's gotta be close to the alarm going off but it's still really dark out hmm guess I'll check "OH S**T its 7:04 am we should have been up an hour ago. The fabulous MR.K didn't think to set the alarm so his wife woke him with a screeech to get his you know what up and moving or he would be late to work.He did get moving but not fast enough...ugh men. I then scrambled around getting T up picked out her clothes, The Dude so didn't want his slumber interrupted but momma had to get things moving so as he was wiping the sleep out of his beautiful brown eyes I was yanking off his clothes and starting the shower, Miss A total pain in the keester this am didn't want to get up, didn't want help,just didn't want at all but she finally got moving and of course what does she ask? "Can we go to MickinDOnalds? UM NO!I slammed lunches together, threw myself into the shower and was all ready by 7:37 just in time to get coats on and out the door to be on time for school. (i did get breakfast and meds somewhere in there too). Thank goodness we only live 3 minutes from the school.When A and I returned home I sat down took a deep breath and I think the rest of the day will be some what normal.

This weekend I decided that with the changing going on all around us it was time to take some outside pictures of course the fantabulous Mr K couldn't be pulled away from whatever he was doing to take some photos with his wife but I did get pictures of the girls (Mav stayed with Mamaw and wasn't home yet so his pics will get taken later date and time) that I love so here a few for your peekers to check out.

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Lisa T. Howard said...

AMAZING photos Mandy...thanks for sharing! And ain't it such a bummer to wake up in a panic because the alarm didn't go off. HATE when that happens. Glad you were able to shuffle everyone off to school on time. Have a great day today! {{{hugs}}} L