Update on Mav's 3 month visit

It went ok. I didn't cry till I got home and unleashed it all on my mom. the Dr wants to see us back in 6 months. Dr H wants to do a surgery to take a tendon out of one side of each foot and put it on the other side to see if it will help. He also wants to do the bone surgery too but we are putting both off at least till our next visit hoping for maybe another year cause I really would rather have them both done at the same time ya know who wants to go thru the hell of the healing process more then you have to especially since Mav will need multiple surgeries on the bones in his feet. UGH.... The Dr also said some of the things Mav is experiencing could be from the deformity, the other diseases he has, or possibly its something we just haven't figures out yet...WHAT???? He was very kind and patient with me sitting in the room for about 30-40 minutes chatting with me and looking Mav over. I told him I feel like a crazy mom with all that is going on with Mav he said he understands it must be hard to be in my shoes...he has no idea but I'm ok I promise.He also said he was given a text book to become a DR but nothing in those text books has prepared him for a case like Mav's he is so complicated and there isn't just one answer if there is an answer at all. Even the older partners in his practice are kinda stumped by Mav saying it just shouldn't be like that how is that???so we will wait.I will watch and hopefully it doesn't get worse in the next 6-12 months.It will be OK I am his momma and that is awesome!Love you Dude!


Heather Landry said…
Mandy. I'm so very sorry that Mav is having to deal with all of this. They are talking about surgery on J's feet as well, but they want to try botox on her legs first to see if they can keep her leg muscles from pulling her feet out of alignment. I do the nervous/freaked out Mom part as well. It is a good sign that the Dr. is willing to sit there and answer all of your questions! I will be keeping Mav in my prayers, and you too!

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