it's November...

WOW where does the time go? I swear it flies faster and faster every year. Mav will be turning 6 on November 18Th wow 6 already. We had teacher conferences last night both kids are doing awesome!!Teagan is looking like an Honors student in the making she has all A's and is a good student. She got nominated by her classmates to be their student council rep this year I was so proud of her she makes it like it's not a big deal but it totally is especially to this momma.Teacher said she is a pleasure to have in class too. Mav has come so far and all i can say is WOW amazing he has an awesome teacher and aide that I'm truly blessed to be able to share him with daily.Love those 2 women and can't thank them enough for what they do with the Dude. He's meeting alot of his goals and is participating in group time. He's also making it known that he can verbalize the word NO lol.
I got a phone call yesterday and might have some really cool news to share soon.I'm kinda excited about it.
I made a really neat altered notebook yesterday that I will upload and share later this week yes I realize the week is almost over so I only have a couple days to share lol.
Half day at school for the big kids today and no school tomorrow getting ready for some adventure to be had. Have a great day!!


Heather Landry said…

Thank you so much for all of the comments on my blog! I'm so glad to hear that your kids are doing so well. I can't wait to hear what your news is?!

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