3 pages & some thoughts..

The original title of this post was going to be NO thoughts and some pages then I decided well I might as well add a few words too but no rambling! These 3 pages were created with Studio Calico's October 2008 Looking Glass kit.I am happy to say that I have finally got a kit down to almost nothing I only have a couple things left of it FINALLY.Yes its only one down to nothing lol I have many more to go. I have been trying really hard to use up my SC kits since my stash of them is over flowing. Love me some SC!
utoh journaling: That's right Dude I caught you on another Mr. Soggy Pants Adventure in my scraproom. You love to go up there & check everything out. You're so silly! Love You!! photo: Mavrick 200610 Little Piggies journaling: 10 little piggies playing in the sand, 2 little feet running fast as they can, 1 little girls squeals of delight, as 1 momma watches this joyous sight! AEK's piggies 2007 Your learning something new Everyday. M
Mav and Gpa 2004
Yes I'm going thru another phase right now called "for the love of vintage typewriter" everytime i journal on a layout I end up spinning around to use the typewriter love it and i tend to think it looks better then my mangles handwriting.
Thanks for taking a peek. toodles~


Heather Landry said…
Well if it helps... I think I'm in love with your vintage typewriter too. LOL I want one! I love your layouts! The piggie poem in particular was just fabulous!
Keshka said…
Oh, I love this! I always look longingly at the SC kits from before I joined! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

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