5 Things Friday

Here are 5 Things making me happy today.

This beautiful picture Teagan made me.

Seeing THIS featured project(that's my Dude)

We have the windows open getting some fresh air to replace that recycled air we've been breathing for the last few weeks. I can hear these 3 playing outside too love it!

Happy thanks to Gma that we were able to score the Chicks tickets to Taylor Swift's concert in July they are going to be tickled. Waiting to tell them since they know the tickets sold out and think we didn't get any.is that mean? Nah I think they'll love the surprise I plan on printing them invitations like I did for Teagan last time. This will be Teagan's 3rd time seeing Taylor in concert and Miss A's 1st.

And these awesome goodies I got in the mail this week oh i have so many ideas floating around and wrote down on what I want to do with them.I think I might scrapbook this afternoon since my mojo is returning.Woohooo

I'm just happy that it's Friday! So what's making you happy today?
Have a good weekend all!


Christa said…
Have fun with your goodies! Glad you are enjoying some warm weather too-so nice to have fresh air in the house!
Lisa said…
That is a lovely list of 5. I love your box of goodies, have fun with those.
NormalToEatPB said…
invitations to a party are making me happy today :)
lisa truesdell said…
that's one happy list!!!
Curlywiggles said…
Congrat's on the twopeas feature, so awesome! Have a great weekend.
Debbie said…
love the goodies !~
Jennifer said…
GOOD stuff! :)

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