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Last week we got the Dude outside it was beautiful out and well everyone here in the mitten thought spring was on its way. Um Hello we live in Michigan one day you have spring the next you have a blizzard and that's just what happened. The white stuff started falling on Saturday along with some freezing wet stuff YUCK! We had almost foot of snow in like 6 hours.We had a boat load more snow on Monday but i didn't take a picture so the one below is from today. Today is the 3rd this week Teagan has been home (2 snow days and Presidents day).Hope your having nice weather where you are or if you have the white stuff like us hope you're staying warm!




NormalToEatPB said…
snow angels anyone :)
Jessica said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog! Also, we have been having this sort of weather too. We havent had the huge snowfall as some but it was 62 degrees one day last week and in the 30's this week. Really strange!!!
Mara... said…
Wow, look at that snow!!! It's supposed to pour rain all weekend so that's the stinky kind of weather we are having. :-)

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