FrIdAy FiVe

This week has been one of those stressful weeks should we?shouldn't we? what if ?kind things so here are the Friday 5 Not so stressful things that happened here this week.
  1. Went to dinner with my Dad just me! It was nice to get out for a little bit plus dinner with my dad is full of conversation and admiration. Love him! Thanks for the yummy grub Daddy-O!

  2. Mr.K celebrated his Birthday yesterday and I gave him this big ol balloon that made him smile like a little kid.
  3. I sent out a layout to CK for the September issue which I'm so excited about! It required Mav, Avery, and I to make our first solo trip into public which went great!Thank goodness the post office rewards good kids that are patient and wait in line with their mommas with a dolphin stamp on your hand.
  4. I had another one of these LOVE them not only do they taste and smell good um hello they are an awesome shade of green. Every time I slurp a milkshake this song comes to my head lol.
  5. I got my Studio Calico box and then the mail lady dropped my package of SC Countryside and State Fair off that I ordered from YSS.

Have a great weekend!


NormalToEatPB said…
you have a great weekend too - wish i had one of those shakes! :)
Debbie said…
man !*~ i should've known better than to have clicked that link. can't.stop.singing. lol

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