Monday Madness

So today started off in a wonderful way I got a cast to the side of an already aching head while trying to change Mav this morning. He didn't do it on purpose it's gotta be hard for him to hold them dang things up they are heavy. anywho he immediately starts with the Mom you ok, mom mom you ok, mom you ok? Yes Dude I'm ok. Not really my brain was feeling like some runny scrambled eggs at the moment and I thought I was going to loose my cookies so Mav hopped a piggy back ride up to the bedroom where we slept for a couple hours. I still have a headache ARGH! Trying to put some finishing touches on a few layouts has proven to be a not as simple as i thought it would be. It's one of those I picture it one way but it just doesn't come out that way kind things. The girls have been squabbling since Teagan got home oh Lord how I love a good squabble times like this I am so glad i was an only child lol.Ok so I'm ready for Monday to be over with how bout you? Here are a couple more things i created this weekend.


PS! I see that there is someone visiting from my neck of the woods HOLA!!!


Aubree said…
Love your layout and card...the black with just a splash of color on each is beautiful!! Hope you are feeling better!

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