Monday? Dude where'd my weekend go?

You wait all week for the weekend and before you know it boom its gone again.I swear Monday's come faster then any other day of the week. I think its cause I'm not exactly a fan of the Mondays!On this last Monday I've been creating a few things along with doing laundry, refereeing sibling squabbles, and dealing with a not so happy Dude.
So this is what Monday is looking like here in my happy little hole they call a scrap space.

Completely Chaotic Mess!!!

I did get almost 6 layouts done. Not looking forward to cleaning up the mess but sure am glad to have 6 more layouts.

How's your Monday looking? Are you a fan of Mondays?



Mara... said…
Sometimes a chaotic mess is just what the doctor ordered!! Happy Monday!!
Anonymous said…
I am SO SO SO glad to see that someone else out there turns a corner in their house to see a room that is out of control... and NO you have NO IDEA how it got that way! Love LOVE posts like these- it makes a girl feel better about her own crazy corners of the world! ;) Thank u for being human!
Mandie said…
hmmm... that is my house always!

you're right - there is NEVER enough weekend!
Gina Lideros said…
wow, looks like you have been working hard. 6 layouts is a lot to complete. I don't think I have ever done 6 layouts in one weekend. You go girl!

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