Right Now..

listening to: Adele and the dog snore at my feet
Sipping on: Cherry Coke Zero
Thinking about: too much my brain is on over load. I'm pissed off at Mav's Docs once again because he may have to go see another specialist ugh.
Wearing: my fav yoga pants, green ling sleeve t, and fuzzy slippers.
Working on: putting the finishing touches on a few projects. And getting my scrap space organized.
Feeling:Moody and the tears are coming.
Weather: Sunny and getting warmer
Wanting: to take a nap.
Thankful For:Mr.K he's my rock. The one who wipes away the tears and listens to every word that comes out of my mouth. He makes it better!
Needing: to do laundry and finish the projects I've started today.
My Favorite color: is still green it's a good cheery color.
Waiting For:Teagan's teacher to email me back so we can make the decision about next week.
Enjoying: a few minutes of me time while Miss A is visiting a friend and Mav is sleeping.
Favorite Photo:

Have a great Monday!~Mandy


Queen of Paper said…
Hands down yoga pants are my favorite! I love this post :)
Gina Lideros said…
Hey Mandy, hoping your week gets better. With yoga pants, Adele and cherry coke - it sounds like you are off to a great start. :)

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