Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slacker Mode

Yes you could say I've been in slacker mode when it comes to blogging the last 2 weeks. So how bout some Mandy updates.

  • I've been spending the days with Avery and Mav. She had Kindergarten registration and testing. He is still adjusting to his new feet.

  • The afternoons have been spent doing homework and helping Teagan with a book report that was due yesterday.She had to make a bag and decorate with the theme of the book. It turned out great.

  • The nights have been spent hanging with Mr.K and the family. It's getting nice outside here in the mitten so we've been playing lots and watching the kiddos play too.

  • This past weekend I got to hang with Tricia and Brian from Epiphany Crafts at the Novi Mega Meet. I had a total blast it was the first time I've been away from home in forever! Both Tricia and Brian are really cool and I loved working for them! I took like 2 pictures the whole weekend was busy with everything and just having too much fun in the moment to get my phone out and snap a pic(left my camera at home).oh well next time.

  • I've been working on some assignments and cool things I can't share just yet but will soon.

  • Last but certainly not least in the last month I have lost almost 30pounds. So excited about it!
    There is lots more but thats a me update in a nutshell.

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Aubree said...

Everyone needs a break sometimes! Glad to hear mav is doing better.