Epiphany Crafts Projects from CHA

Thought I would finally share my projects that were requested for the Epiphany Crafts CHA-S booth. I was so excited to get these done and mailed that I didn't take the "final good photo" of each project but these will work for now.
Framed Art & Vintage Spool Display

The framed art features both the EC 14 & 25 Round Shape Studios.The Spool display features the EC Vintage Settings, Charm Settings, & the 14 Round Shape Studio

You make me Happy CardThis card was fun to make its mostly Crate Paper with a couple others added in. It features the EC Round 14 & 25 Shape Studio tool and the Charm Settings.

Felt Tablet Case

the felt tablet case features the Vintage settings, 14 Round Shape Studio, & Star Flowers

I have some more fun news to share mid week that I'll share some peeks of tomorrow. Have a great Monday!~Mandy


Aubree said…
I just love that framed piece!!! Lovely work Mandy! Bet it was a hit at CHA!
Debby said…
I love your framed art.
yyam said…
Oh wow! These projects look awesome! :)
Danee said…
I love the framed piece
Curlywiggles said…
Loooove the framed art work. I've been trying to resist the button tool for a while but you are making my will power wane!

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