A little bit of Slippin, A little bit of Slidin, & A whole lotta Slurpin

Yep that's right here at the House of K its all about the water! My kids are total water bugs! So it's no suprise that the day the kids got this slip-n-slide last weekend was spent slippin, slidin, slurpin up the water, and hootin&hollerin.
and some patient well not so patient waiting for your turn.Hey we got thru it even if the whole town heard how much it sucks having to wait for your 2 sisters to take their turn before you get another go at the slip-n-slide. even the 4 legged kid had to get in on the action somehow when dad wouldn't let him take a turn sliding down the cool new toy he decided to slurp all the water up and have some fun too.It was funny to watch!

Have a great Friday all!~Mandy


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