10 Years of Us

is it possible that we've been married that long? I guess it is since the paper does say 8-30-2001 but it just doesn't seem like 10 years yet. We have had our ups and downs our ins and outs yet here we are. We are complete opposites and in the following you'll see why but we work he's the half that makes me whole.

SHE: is an only child from a broken family. HE: is the oldest of 3 and his parents have been married 30something years.

SHE: is impatient as hell HE:can wait til the moon changes green.

SHE: is a chubby dunker. HE: is a skinny dipper.

SHE: loves adventures. HE: is happy with whatever makes her happy.

SHE: get upset and crys. HE: Lets it roll off without a second glance.

SHE: loves to read. HE:reads car magazines on the porcelain thrown.

SHE: loves her morning sleeps. HE: is up at the crack of dawn.

SHE: is a people pleaser. HE: could give a shit less about what others think.

SHE: could yap on and on about scrapbooking and every other thing in life. HE: yaps about cars and of course listens to her interrupt with her yapping.

SHE: was a rodeo champ in her day and never thought she'd give up riding horses. HE: prefers the the horses under the hood of a car not the 4 legged kind.

SHE: is all about the chocolate. HE: is all about the peanuts.

SHE: wear it all on her sleeve. HE: keeps it tucked deep inside.

SHE: says left. HE: says right

SHE: drinks coke. HE: drinks Mt Dew.

SHE: likes to talk it out. HE: would rather think to himself.

SHE: says YES!! HE: says NO!

this list goes on and on but you get it.

Dearest Mr.K,
you saved my life(literally) all those years ago, you love me for me, you put up with all my crazy bullshit(and my pain in the ass family), you have helped me create 3 beautiful children i never thought I knew I wanted, you are the half that makes me whole, my best friend, my confidant, you help me to be the woman i am today not the girl you met back in 99, you are the one who wipes my tears and holds me, you're there to laugh when I make a total ass of myself, you know what makes me tick and just how to push my buttons, you hold my hair back when I've had to much to drink and pay for it the next morning(thank God that only happens once every summer),you always have that just for me look on your face when I need it from across the room, you make me laugh, cry, and want more,you complete me, you are my soulmate and i love you more with each passing year. I never thought I could have a love like this but i do and I'm so grateful for you! I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings up. Thank you for loving me and being the ONE!
Love M

PS. I still get butterflies every time i see you drive away in that black mustang just like the night we first met.see why it's gotta stay! xoxo

And now since you read all that you can stop putting your finger down your throat gagging on my mush and leave a comment to win this Studio Calico Stamp that I am giving away to one of you. Leave a comment telling me how long you've been married. if you've found the one. hell if you want tell me I'm crazy and that you really were gagging with this post i don't care. just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win. I'll leave this open til Saturday 11:59 pm and then I'll draw a winner on Sunday morning.


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Mandie said…
oh my gosh, mandy! this totally made me smile! no gagging involved! love it! :) we got married in 2001 also! :)
Danee said…
Mandy, no way would I gag at what you wrote….it is the most honest thing I have seen on a blog in a long while. Happy Anniversary…I just celebrated 17 but my ONE is a pain in the ass most of the time because he is a horrible communicator, expects way too much of the kids, has a hard time finding his empathy bone, and can't communicate- did I already say that? But he makes us laugh, buys thoughtful little gifts from his travels, and deep down does care- he just can't seem to say the words. I blame his mom and the US Air Force who taught him to be a terrific fighter pilot but a not so great communicator.
Ursula said…
Mandy, this is awesome. I already have that stamp so don't enter me. But I have to tell you that as I read your list it was almost my hubby and I exactly. The only difference was the puking from drinking on account of I never want to have that experience again so I do what's necessary (LOL) and I drink the MD and he drinks Diet. We are peas in a pod. How cool is that. We've been married 19 1/2 years and every single year I marvel because my own family is a complete disaster and I had no way of learning what a marriage was. Thanks so much for sharing.
naomi_m said…
I'm still single and searching at 30! Congratulations.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to you both! I love your he/she journaling, would be great to put on a page! I will be married 12 years next month, time does fly!!
Curlywiggles said…
Awwww that was a lovely read. Happy 10 to Mr & Mrs K!! Congratulations & I hope you get some time together to celebrate. I'm still looking for 'the one' but when I find him I hope we have a love like yours! :)

p.s . I trust this journaling will show up on a layout some day!
Allison Waken said…
Aww- Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 10 this year too - crazy.

I love your comparisons :)
Margrethe said…
Don't enter me, I already have the stamp, but wanted to let you know how much I love this post! :D
Briana Johnson said…
Okay, this is wonderful. No gagging at all. This is just so truthful and beautiful and you so made me smile on many of them. Happy Anniversary! I've been married 11 years.

I loved that stamp but I don't have it! Crossing my fingers!
Anonymous said…
I already have the stamp so you don't have to include me there, but I just have say that is so sweet. Definitely scrap that!
Eileen Hull said…
I loved your post Mandy- so glad you will be on the Sizzix blog hop!
Debbie said…
congrats !~ it flies by don't it?!
Diane Payne said…
Love your post! Happy Anniversary!
lisa truesdell said…
don't need the stamp, but happy anniversary!!

we're celebrating 14 yrs next week. =)
Valerie said…
What a sweet post - not gag-worthy in the least!! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Mandy! We'll be married 10 next year.
Happy decade anniversary! This is such a sweet post.
Christa said…
I already have this stamp, but wanted to say how sweet this post is! Happy Anniversary!
Alanna said…
I came to your blog for the Precocious Paper blog hope but I just had to read that - so beautiful! I'm not married but in two weeks I will have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I look forward to being able to write such gorgeous posts about our married life! Congratulations on your special anniversary!
Alison said…
Great post Mandy....I've been married for 31yrs to my first love-like you we've had our ups-and-downs, but I wouldn't trade him for the world(well most days!)Happy Anniversary!
Alison xx
Jessica G said…
I totally didn't gag! I think it is sweet.

I have been married for 2.5 years to a man I have known my entire life. Well, he wasn't a man when we were kids...he was a kid too. Our moms were college roommates!
Amanda Johnson said…
I smiled the WHOLE time I was reading this...you seriously could have been talking about my hubby and myself! To a T!! Happy Anniversary!! Wish you both many more years of blessings and love. My husband and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary in July :)
Melissa said…
Aww, what a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!

My fiancé and I have been together for 9.5 years, although it definitely doesn't seem like it! :)

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