What I've been working on

The other day I said I was going to share peeks of some things I've been working so here are a couple. I've also been working on my stash trying to downsize it and purge. I have a few boxes that need to go and more stuff i need to go thru. Trying to talk Mr.K into letting me have the room downstairs for my scrap space. I think he's scared of all the stuff we have stored in there and what we'd do with it all,me I'm ready for the challenge and also ready to get rid of some of that stuff in there.
Working on a new diet plan for the fam especially Mr.K since the doctor called last week to tell us his blood tests didn't come back good and he needs a lifestyle change. So his skinny ass is going to be exercising more, eating healthier, and taking meds. I got good news my blood work came back good. I'm driving Mr.K craazy with all the stank eyes and no you can't have that's but it's all out of my love for him.
Working on getting everyone back in to the school routine since there is only 2 weeks til school starts 2 weeks Dude where's the summer go? This means getting up early, meal times, workbooks, and going to bed earlier. School shopping is done! We finished this weekend with a trip to the shoe store with Mav. Fun? for a few minutes til we walked to the shoe aisle and of course the light em up shoes are across from the shoes he needs for his feet(for those that don't know Mav had re corrective surgery this past Jan on both feet because he has a rare foot deformity) so of course he wants the light up shoes so what do we do try to talk him into the right shoes which leads to a meltdown and everyone in the store staring but we did good stayed calm and Mr.K & I decided just buy both pairs of shoes right now take the light ups back on Monday and keep the ones Mav needed. It's just easier that way and it got the Dude thru a stressful public outing(not his fav thing he's a real home body) plus once we got back in the car then home he didn't even care about the damn shoes.

So what are you working on?


Keshet said…
Love the peeks! Good luck in convincing Mr K on the scrap space--it IS a necessity after all:)
Gina Lideros said…
great sneaks Mandy! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

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