A week ago....& Today

A week ago I was home with 3 kids and a husband today I'm here by myself for another hour and a half. Mr.K is at work and all 3 kids are in school. I would really like to know how that happened I mean all 3 can't be school age already can they? This weekend I did a Kindergarten interview with Avery and made a layout then the next layout was one of her when she was 18months old(i think) it's crazy how time flies. When your young especially in your teen years you can't wait to be an adult and do your own thing, then you graduate high school, college, get married, start a family, have a few more kids, then boom the are in school and your getting wrinkly and grey hairs what the hell? I so want to push the rewind button or at least the slow motion or pause button. Ok so I'm not shedding tears and an emotional basket case today believe me it was nice to get a little me time it was weird but nice. so here is the run down

Teagan is now in 3rd grade and will be 9 in just 14 days.

Mav is now in his 5 yr of school he's in a cognitively impaired room with an awesome teacher. he's starting out half days that's why i have the mornings to myself a couple days a week. He's going to be 8 in November.
Avery Ella is in Kindergarten going M,W,every other Friday(which is so stupid, confusing, and another reason why i get a few morning to myself during the week.) she is going to be 6 in January.
Y'all have a great day I'm going to go finish a couple scrapbook pages before i have to go pick up the Dude.


PS. will hopefully be able to show the layouts I made this weekend soon!


God I look at the picture of Mav looking right at the camera and It is hard to believe he has any problems at all. I hope you get some time to yourself as the year goes on. you deserve it and need it to fill your tank. Running 3 kids around has to be draining. Great pics of the kids. Will I see you tomorrow?
Briana Johnson said…
Mandy, your have beautiful children! I'm glad you're getting some me time but I feel for you at the same time! My guy just started all day kindy and my daughter goes to pre-school M and W so I'm getting alone time too. It's a funny set of emotions so true, sweet and sour.
It really is crazy how fast time flies by - when you're having fun!!
Lisa Howard said…
Totally with you with the "my how time flies" thing. Seems only yesterday my youngest started kindergarten and now she is in her final year of college!!! Enjoy them while you have them...never was there a more true saying.

Thanks for your comment today over on my long neglected blog. It was WONDERFUL to hear from you. Can't wait to be a regular on the blog scene again.

BTW, your kiddos are GORGEOUS!!!!!

Lots of hugs and love! -L
Alison said…
Great pics of your children...and yes, time does indeed fly!
Alison xx

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