Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

8 years ago today this sweet boy forever changed my life. I'll never forget.... that moment i held him in my arms or heard his sweet little cry for the first time. My dad there all night with us waiting for this little man to enter the world and when he finally did the tears that were in his eyes the joy on his face and the kiss he places on my forehead oh he was so happy and proud to share that moment with me & Mr.K. And the joy and delight on a Mr.K's face the first time he saw his son it was beautiful. when Teagan came to see her new baby declaring he was her "Brubby" she was giddy and so were we. Sweet boy you have been loved since the first moment, you are amazing, and bring so much joy to us all! Happy Birthday my Mav!

Have a great wekeend!MK


Danee said…
Happy Birthday Mav!!!!! Lots of wishes for the next year.

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