A Christmas Notebook

Oh my goodness can y'all believe there's only a week before Christmas? The kids are off school already, the shopping is done( i have 1 thing that's just gotta be picked up), and all is wrapped. How's it going for you? is the shopping & wrapping done?Did you send Christmas cards? I told myself after I turned 25 I'd send cards every year well that came and went years ago and I still haven't sent Christmas cards so um lets shoot for 35 i guess lol. If you haven't got everything tackled i wish you all the best getting it all done this week! Back to the title of the post I have a Christmas Notebook I created using American Crafts HollyDay line that kept me right on track I was able to write down the wish lists, shopping list, what I bought all in one spot, and I had a receipt and coupon keeper in the middle. This little notebook came in handy! You can find a full tutorial on how to recreate the notebook on the American Crafts blog HERE.

Thanks for stopping by Happy Holidays!!


Danee said…
cute and I hate you. You have your wrapping done. It must be a typo and you meant "Rapping" not "wrapping" I don't even have my shopping done let along wrapping- though I did make the coolest junque bows for my packages.

Maybe I need a Christmas Notebook next year *hint *hint
Keshet said…
This is adorable!
Leslie Ashe said…
your notebook is ADORABLE!!! I want to make one now!
Kim said…
I love this!!!! I saw it a few weeks ago just after I moved and wanted to make one so bad. I will 'pin' it for next year...love love love.
Miss you too ;)
Your blog is fab.
Kim said…
Every time I come to your blog I get the most irresistable {sp?} feeling to go and create something. Wish all my stuff wasn't still packed up! As soon as the kids are back in school the creative mess is coming out thanks to you!!!

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