It's Tueday :A Penny For Your Thoughts

One of my goals I've set for the new year is to blog more so I'm trying to get on some kind of blog schedule and thinking that Tuesday's might be my American Crafts project days or well maybe just this Tuesday will be I'm not sure yet.I'm thinking I might change a few things up on the blog so bear with me while I figure it all out in the next couple weeks. Anywho here are the 3 projects I created for my American Crafts December Gallery.

He's the quiet one, the thinker, We always want to know what he's thinking, you get mesmorized by those big brown eyes they just suck you in, you just wish the words were there but once again the world of Autism has him....I would pay more then pennies for his thoughts that is for sure.

I love this Chap line by American Crafts so much so that I have been saving it up until now when it was perfect for this photo and of course I had to use the scraps to make some cards. Love the Jared stamps from the Chap line the grid, arrow, and round compass design are too cool. The line works well not only for boys but everything I just happen to use it on a Mav layout.
Do you have a blog schedule certain days for certain subjects or do you blog by the seat of your pants? Any suggestions or tips on how this gal should become a better blogger? if let me know. Thanks!



em said…
LOVE the layout. :)
Keshet said…
Love all of these, especially that card! I've thought of blog schedules, but I end up just doing what I feel like:)
Love 'em love 'em love 'em :)

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