Meet Fred & Ethel

Miss A has been asking for another fish since New Years Day when she had to do this...

After our night with ChuckECheese we took her to get a fish only to have a repeat of New Years day on the morning of her Birthday so while she was at school I thought I would replace the flushed away fish but after talking with the pet store lady she suggested I wait. Not what I wanted to hear so I asked if she had any suggestion of how I could save the day and that's when she said how about one of these little guys? An aquatic albino frog. YES!!2 Please! so the pet store got me set up with a tank, water, 2 frogs, and all the goods that I needed to make Miss A's birthday go without tears of the flushed away fish. When she got home she was all smiles when she saw the tank and she thought they were totally cool(they are pretty entertaining i must admit). She asked about Sparkles(flushed away) and when I explained she was ok no tears thank goodness. So there you have it the short story of the Family K's frogs. Yes, D I know if your reading this you're saying is she fricken nuts she already has dogs, kids, salamanders, a fish, and now frogs??YES nuts I am but ya love this nutter! HA!



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