5 for Friday: The Koeppen 5 Edition

Thought I would take the chance this Friday to do a 5 for Friday post about the 5 of us right now what's going on, how we're doing, etc.


He's always working hard. He is loving the new house and the new area we live in. Lots of projects getting done. He's a jack of all trades and boy does that come in handy! He's happy to have his Mustang out driving it this summer( I think he thinks it keeps him in his young stud state of mind :) ) he's a simple guy, loves will all his being, is an awesome daddy& hubs. His favs right now: Rum N Coke, Tortilla chips, Reebok shoes, Jockey Undies(reminds me need to buy some tonight), Big Bang Theory, this ginormous magazine for reading material Gpa gave him, rockNroll music(metallica still his fav), hanging out with the fam outside, tasty twist ice cream, Mt Dew.

She is starting that preteen stage(OMG will I make it thru this?), will be in the 4th grade as of Tuesday morning at 8:45, Loves the color blue in all shades, has a thing for wolves still, decided she will be a wildlife biologist when she grows up, plans to attend MSU(hopefully we can afford it in 8 years), is into drawing big time, has a love/hate relationship with her sister, is always thinking, she's a worrier like her momma, she's nervous about school and if she'll make new friends(which sh will I'm positive!), is a bit of a tomboy at the moment, she still has her braces on hoping to get them off in the next few months. He favs: Reeses cereal, Dr. Pepper, her nook, hip/hop music, Big Bang Theory, the Hunger games movie, swimming, her cat Mittens, riding her dirt bike, tasty twist ice cream, spicy McBites from McD's.

He is doing great this summer, road 2 trains this summer (LOVED IT), off his meds now on herbals, loves his portable movie player, is getting big OMG big!, loves swimming(he's part fish), enjoys his alone time still, going to be riding the bus Tuesday morning (his decision love it), Is actually wanting to go back to school now, is still happy with comfy pants and a tshirt, not a fan of hot weather, has named out new car Speed, is growing out of that momma's boy stage(he'll always be a momma's boy its just a lil different now), gaining more words and putting more together(love this) making decisions, plays alot and interacting with others too. His favs: still hooked on fries, loves OJ, Thomas the Train has made a come back, loves living in the new house, the swimming pool,pizza, music with bass, trains, chips & juice, Gma & Gpa's house, Angry Beavers show.

Is a mini scrapbooker, loves the color purple, is always on an adventure, thinks music is super cool, reading and writing lots, is excited to head back to school, bummed she's not riding a bus, loves the new house, plays outside a ton, her hair is getting long finally!, has fun with Duke, argues with her sister(OMG GREY HAIR SPROUTING), gives Mr.K and I both a run for our money, is a total tough ass, loves with all her being, will be a 1st grader as of Tuesday morning at 9, is a momma's girl, still loves tattoos(she will be wearing one the first day of school), is very independent, is a duck like her daddy lets it all slide off instead of worrying about it, loves her Popsicle(like majorly 8-10 before day gets home). Favs: Green popsicles, the right side of the bed, Taylor Swift, driving her sis crazy, outdoors, tasty twist dirt sundaes, going to the movies, mp3 player, bubble gum, fruity pebbles, princess movies, ponytails,purple, stretchy pants, mismatched everything, cheeseburgers no pickle no onion.

 Happy, designing for Cocoa Daisy & The Stringery, ready for the kids to go back to school, so happy with the move(love the area and this house), lovin the vintage treasures I've found this summer, driving a hybrid(love it too), trying to get over sickness, worried about the first week of school and how everyone will do, I've had a great summer filled with lots of fun stuff(move, CHA, pubs, adventures with the fam etc), have a new friend named Mr. Dank(pussycat), love it when Mr.K laughs at me(he's the bestest), celebrated OUR 11th wedding anniversary yesterday(had to believe we've been together a 3rd of my life.), still stressing over everything, trying to get myself in to a routine, spent so time with some wonderful friends, Have a few fun things happening in the upcoming months. Favs: Cherry Coke Zero & Ice tea, the kitchen, instagram, turkey wraps from Arbys, Call Me Maybe, my scraproom, 8.5x11, Vintage , Old Navy t shirts, Mr.K's smell, yellow Popsicle, tasty twist lemon cones, black, Victoria secret undies(thanks to Danee), chalkboards, myhouse, Pride & Prejudice .


em said…
Love this post. I especially love that you put Mr. K's underwear faves in it...because you know me...I'm all about keeping it real. ;) ;)
Laura C said…
Hope you caught the Big Ten "Call Me Maybe" on Youtube :0)
Curlywiggles said…
I'm sure that I'd be great friends with your girls if I was 20 years younger, they sound so awesome. I wouldn't worry about them, there is 3 years between me and my sister and we are the best of friends. I would brace yourself for the teenage years though! Did I ever tell you I live in Jane Austen county? Her house is about 40 mins away from me.

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