5 for Friday

just some random stuff for this 5 for Friday post.

1.Super excited when KP pointed this out to me at CHA.

2. we've been watching this everyday since it was posted. The whole fam loves it :)

3. got a bag of these the other day. My favorite for sure. So comfy.

4. still trying to go thru all the photos I took while in Chicago at CHA. Lovin the photos from my little tour downtown.

5. Enjoying the last weeks of summer vacation with lota of fun adventures here at home.


em said…
Look at this exciting post! I have so much to say! Like - I can't wait to see your Chicago pictures! And we've been watching that video all week. 1) Missy Franklin rocks. 2)I am quite jealous of Rebecca Soni...for reasons other than that gold medal. ;) Also, I saw that magazine at SC. I yelled YAY for you, but you couldn't hear me. ;)
Teresa Kline said…
great photos, I wish I could have went to Chicago, maybe one day. hope you have a wonderful week!

enjoy *~*

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