Stringery Saturday

Some creations using the Stringery strings. 
*published in the September 2012 Scrapbook Trends magazine

uses the Navy & Pink Burlap string

A little bonus for all you Stringery fans or for those of you that haven't ordered from the Stringery before check this out there's a special sale going on. 
We have a special sale until the end of September. We've marked down all String and Twine 20% in the shop. All spooled strings are now $1.00 for 5 yards! HURRY! These prices are only in effect until the end of September.

Hope you're having a great weekend! Things are going ok this weekend. Avery is feeling a little better, Mav had a better afternoon Friday and was able to ride the bus home we've figured out the bus isn't the problem its another thing(so stressful), Miss Teagan had a pretty good week too she now has a best friend(wohoo), Mr.K has this weekend off(lots of projects getting done, and Me well I'm rearranging my scrapspace(it was moved to the upstairs room during labor day soon). all in all pretty good. 



em said…
The first layout is crazy awesome. :)

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