Age: 30
Height & Weight: 5'10-11ish( I think I am shrinking a lil) and the other we don't discuss
Married: yes. to my fabulous Mr.K... no telemarketer lady from yesterday I don't want any of your ex 3 husbands I'm good with this one. 
Children: 3 yes the girl that said none for her has 3 and if she still had her girly stuff she'd totally have a whole herd right now.
Favorite color: Black yes sounds gloomy but I love black maybe its a Johnny Cash thing.
Drinking: Cherry Coke Zero
Working on: Cocoa Daisy stuff
Talking to: the voices in my head HA. no one I'm  a listener at present.
Favorite book: hmmm I loved Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, and the Hunger Games
Wanting: to go use the Gap outlet coupon I have but not sure I'll get there today. and a new pair of glasses cause I want to be cool and actually see where I'm going.
Eating: Healthy or at least trying to.
Thinking about: too much stuff for sure!
Excited about: going to California in January
Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice
Worried about: going to California in January and leaving my fam for 5 days.will they survive?
Had enough of: stupid people! OMG i swear they find me where ever I go.
Might try: growing my hair out. I get impatient but this time I want it long again(I actually had hair to my ass when MR.K and I got married).
Waiting for: Mr.K to get home from work and date night with the girls.
Listening to: The girls rock out to Guitar Hero and Mav playing with poker chips. I have Pink on in the car.
Driving: 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid yes I do like it.
Last Movie you saw by yourself: Magic Mike
Wearing: my fav jeans, ON tshirts, cardis, sneakers, and get this MORE jewelry
Lovin: it all right now...my fam, my home, my junk
Tattoos YES or NO?: Nope not yet. I still can't decide what I want so it might be a long while
Happy to be: working at Cocoa Daisy and a part of that Awesome team!
Favorite Song right now: Run by Pink
Canon or Nikon girl: Canon
Ready for: the Holidays (i think)
Toes painted or natural: ugh lets go with half ass. a little paint a little natural 
Glad I have: my great online friends! can't wait to see some of them in January
Not ready for: the teen years..holy hell we are in preteen full force and it's not cool! sweet Jesus what were we thinking? Gotta love it. I was a good child so I think it's all payback for the hell raiser Mr.K was.
Healthy YES or NO: lets just say I'm working on that.
still Cool as you were 10 years ago?: Hell yes! cooler I think enough if I am a lil chubbier HA.

now I'm drawing a blank so that's what there is for now. ME


Great post Mandy! I may steal the idea :) Fun to see what you're up to these days!
em said…
I love this. I think we'd get along just fine if we lived near one another. ;) And my favorite line (and something so true to my heart...) "I've had enough of stupid people." SERIOUSLY!!! ;)
Mandie said…
Love this! Made me chuckle & I love a good non paleo coke zero with dt. cherry from sonic. Yuuuuuum!!!!

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