This one time... right now

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile I think so what the heck lets do it today(plural because it's me and Bitty Bitch who's at my feet).

Wearing: Comfy Gap long sleeve t-shit, gaucho crop pants, old navy black sandals.
Hair: rocking a small beehive with a headband.
Listening to: Jessie Ware
Drinking: Diet Coke
Working on: Cocoa Daisy May Design Team stuff
Excited about: Some news I'll share soon
Planning: A trip to somewhere AWESOME
Favorite color: loving green & navy blue
Trying: Art journaling
Feeling: Tired with a side of grumpy
Watching: it rain out my window
Loving: My friends! Oh do I have some good ones! Lucky girl!
Wondering: about all sorts of things.I don't think my brain ever shuts off.
Favorite TV show: it's a tie Big Bang Theory & Two Broke Girls
Talking to: Bitty Bitch at the moment(y'all know Bitty Bitch is our old ass female Jack Russell who stinks to high hell).
Wanting: to loose some weight. ahh the Doctor put me on meds to help with some different issues, while they have helped they have also made me gain some weight which wasn't needed.
Natural or painted Nails: painted black with 2 green ones.
Last thing bought: some scrapbook stuff(even though I didn't need it)
List or no list: List of course
Photo or Video: Photo! Video I'm still trying to master but my voice recorded blah!
PC or Mac: Mac---shocker i know. Just switched over.
Canon or Nikon: Canon thanks to Gma & Gpa
Steak or Chicken: Chicken
Laughing about: the little crazy things that happen in this family
Joining: Nothing
Routine Yes or No: Kinda
Messy or clean: clean scrapper but messy scraproom
Love it or hate it: depends but mostly love it except Indian food YUCKO!
Capitol or lower case: lower case
make up yes or no: ugh nope have you seen me lately? I think I've only wore makeup once in the last year and that is because I got a lil makeover in Cali one day.
Romance or Comedy: Comedy
Plane or Train: Plane
Smiling about: the little smile face pot Sharmaine sent me for my birthday.
Eating: Healthier
Looking at: This

ok think the list is long enough for now and you're probably bored HA.


em said…
Okay - Indian food is goooooood!!! Really, I mean it!

Love this. :)
Not bored
Just wishin' I was sitting next to you.
I'm going to cook you some Indian one day!
Lisa said…
Loving your list! May just have to steal the idea. I'm feeling the medication induced weight gain pains as well. But considering my meds are keeping cancer at bay, I will learn to love the extra pudge. Oh, hell, who am I kidding? I still want rid of the extra poundage. LOL! Beautiful weather here today but the rain is coming. Hope you see sunshine soon!

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