October Afternoon Sketch & Milk Money

Sharing my October Afternoon Thursday Sketch post from September 27th with y'all today. 
When I'm assigned a sketch post I usually search through ads to find my inspiration.This time my inspiration was found on Pinterest with this really cool ad seen HERE
As you can see the sketch is made so you can put your pictures anywhere you'd like. You could use the large half circle like I did or maybe you want to have lots of photos on your layout it's totally up to you. Have fun with it! 
When I first saw this ad I knew it would be perfect way to use the new Milk Money collection and those back to school photos. 

Line Logo
Product # PP-1174 
PP-1174 - Spelling
Product # PP-1175 
PP-1175 - Lunch
Product # PP-1176 
PP-1176 - Science
Product # PP-1177 
PP-1177 - Social Studies
Product # PP-1178 
PP-1178 - Reading
Product # PP-1179 
PP-1179 - Math
Product # PP-1180 
PP-1180 - 6x8 Paper Pack
Product # SS-1181 
SS-1181 - Double Take
Product # DC-1184 
DC-1184 - Memory Cards
Product # DC-1182 
DC-1182 - Snap Caps
Product # ST-1187 
ST-1187 - Clear Stamps
Product # DC-1183 
DC-1183 - Flash Blubs
Product # EM-1185 
EM-1185 - Tin Pins
Product # EM-1186 
EM-1186 - Pillow Puffs
Product # EM-1153 

I didn't know I was going to create a 2 pager when I first sat down but as I started moving product and photos around a single 12x12 or 8.5x11 just wouldn't work for me. I'm really happy with this fun 2 pager! 
I had enough room to include all the kids on this layout and a layout like this could easily be duplicated for each child's album if needed. One thing I did notice is unfortunately the only shots of my Mav were blurs of him running to the bus or this shot that you can barely see him giving me the a-OK sign but it all worked out since the squares and rectangles are all different sizes. I also loved that big half circle for an enlarged photo that doubles as a pocket to add some tidbits from school. 

Do you like sketches? Where do you find sketch inspiration? You can see the weekly sketch post on the October Afternoon Blog every Thursday it will include 2 different designers takes on the sketch. 
Thanks for stopping by~MK


justem said…
LOVE this!!! :) Sorry I'm so behind on blogs lately! ;)

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