Christmas Countdown

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Tuesday Tutorial: Christmas Countdown

Hi, OA fans! Mandy Koeppen here with this weeks Tuesday Tutorial. Have your kids started counting down to Christmas? Maybe you have yourself? Today I'm going to share a fun and pretty quick Christmas Countdown decoration I made to put on out fireplace mantel.

Let's get started.
Here is a look at the supplies I used to create my decoration as always you can switch out, adjust, substitute whatever you like. Dig in that stash if you're like me you probably have an older October Afternoon Christmas line in there if you haven't already picked up the new Silent Nightline. As you can see everything I used is from the Silent Night line. 
Besides your favorite OA Christmas line you will need your favorite adhesive(tacky glue & glue gun come in handy)and a wood circle(found mine at Wal-Mart for less than a dollar) or frame(you could do something similar with a frame).SUPPLIES

STEP 1:Adhere your background pattern paper to wood piece.STEP1
STEP 2: Cut excess paper off with scissors.STEP2
STEP 3: This step is optional. Sand edges of circle. I like to do this to make sure the edge is even.STEP3 
STEP 4:  This is where your tacky glue or glue gun come in handy. Adhere ribbon or lace across your circle.STEP4STEP4B
STEP 5: Adhere mini clothespin to middle of lace/ribbon. STEP5
STEP 6: Create title. I used this chipboard piece for my title then layered on several different pattern papers.STEP6
STEP 7: Adhere your title to the circle. I placed mine at the bottom but you can put yours wherever you like.STEP7
STEP 8: Embellish the circle. Leaving a space in the middle for your daily countdown number card.You could also do this step last but I decided not to wait. STEP8STEP8B
Step 9: Depending on how you choose to display your circle this is the step where I added ribbon to the back because I thought I would hang it but then decided to use a mini easel stand i had in my stash. You could hang it with ribbon, you could put a magnet on the back to hang it on the fridge, or you could get a mini stand like I did. STEP9
STEP 10: Cut out one 12x12 sheet of the October Afternoon journal cards. Each sheet has 24 cards(12 on both sides) enough cards if you start your countdown on December 1st.Step10B
STEP 11: Cutout 1-24 using die cutting machine or use number stickers for each of the 24 days.STEP10
STEP 12: Adhere numbers to each side of the cards. You can also embellish the cards with washi and stickers if you like. Here are a few on side ASTEP11
Clip on your number remember start with 24 and go backwards.You can Now we are done. 
Thanks for joining me for today's tutorial! I hope I've inspired you to create your version of a Holiday Countdown. Have a great day~Mandy


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