Friday 5: US update

***I have no idea what happened to Mav's section of this post. AHHH thanks blogger! Will try to redo a little later.

today's five for Friday is brought to by the letter K as in the Koeppen 5. I haven't done an update post on "us" in awhile so today's probably a good time to do that right?

Mr.K: Is working all the time it seems. Next week he's headed to Chicago for work(i'm not so happy about it because of the weather we've been having and he doesn't sleep well away from home so it worries me). He has a new toy which the girls and i named "theThing" it's an old old plow truck his dad gave him before all this snow hit the mitten so it's come in really hand and he thinks it's so cool. He's getting all excited about boating season and is making some changes to the boat interior. Mr.K is a fix it and tinker man and so very smart! He has some great ideas for our new, old boat and I'm pretty excited about it too. We chatted last night about taking a few date days out on the lake while our kids are making up snow days this June. Everyday he sends me I love you texts at different times of the day and is always checking on me. Love this guy so very much!he's my rock, my biggest cheerleader, and my bestest friend.
Yes, I do realize that some of you think it's weird I call my husband Mr.K instead of by his name but I like it and He's my Mr. so if you're looking for his real name I'm sure if you search the older posts you'll find it :)

Teagan: This girl is all about school and her grades right now. She is looking into science programs during spring and sumer break to go to. She's already planning for college and what field she wants to go into ANYTHING SCIENCE! Her science grade(98.9) is the highest grade in science her teacher has ever seen in her years of teaching. Her teacher suggested to T and Mr.K that Teagan go into the science field and to start looking into programs to support her love for science. We have experiments going on in this house all the time but we've asked her to wait to do some til the weather gets better then she can do them outside so we don't end up on the news "science nerd blows up parents house while doing experiments in kitchen" we have to laugh cause I could see her and Avery coming out hair standing on end like cartoon characters(i kid I know this wouldn't be funny if it was real). She is tall OMG tall like not to far from her daddy's height over 6ft. She's 11!!! She's sensitive, kind, loving, caring, and wears her heart on her sleeve. We are trying to toughen her up but try is the keyword. She is thinking about spring sports and what she'd like to do. Coaches from school are already recruiting her for sports and want her to work out with the older kids so she's ready to kick butt when it comes time to play for the school. She likes boys but isn't totally obsessed yet thank goodness and to be honest I really hope it stays that way and boys are on the back burner. Love this girl so very much she really does live up to the full meaning of her name "Beautiful Life" Teagan:Beautiful Zoe: Life.

Mavrick:Seriously how did we get so lucky with a boy like him? He is one cool cat! He's a pretty easy keeper even with Autism. Yes, we have our ups and downs and life is far from rainbows and unicorns but it's life and you make the best of it.<----he a="" according="" adjusting="" almost="" also="" always="" and="" animals="" are="" as="" avery="" back="" be="" best="" better="" blood="" bulging="" bus.="" but="" by="" cat="" change="" cholesterol="" classroom="" coke="" come="" cool="" creatures="" dad="" daily="" day.="" different="" doc="" dogs="" during="" e="" eats="" elastic="" etc="" every="" eyes="" fan="" fly="" food="" for="" fries="" fry="" games="" get="" girls="" go="" good="" group="" growing="" habit.="" have="" having="" he="" heads="" hey="" hi-c="" him="" his.="" his="" hoodies="" hoody="" i="" in="" ipad="" is="" it.="" it="" just="" kid="" know="" large="" levels="" life="" like="" likes="" little="" lives="" ll="" loves="" m="" major="" make="" making="" mav="" mavrick.="" may="" mcdonalds="" me="" middle="" might="" more="" morning="" name="" nbsp="" nervous="" new="" not="" of="" off.="" on="" one="" or="" orange="" out="" p="" pants="" people="" pick="" pig="" play="" plays="" reading="" ready="" remember="" routine="" s="" said="" school.="" school="" shoes="" shorts="" so="" some="" soon="" still.="" still="" sugars="" sure="" suv="" takes="" taught="" than="" that:="" that="" the="" their="" then="" they="" things="" think="" this="" to="" totally="" transition="" up="" video="" waists.="" wait="" warming="" watching="" way="" we="" wears="" week="" what="" where="" which="" who="" will="" with="" work="" years="" yet.="" youtube="">

Avery Ella: Oh my sweet little punky brewster! She makes life so interesting. I am inspired by her daily as she walks to her own tune in this life. She is strong, sweet, sassy, loving, hard headed, and so very smart. She does well in school but wishes to stay average. Her told me that A is one smart cookie but wishes to not show it because she doesn't want to stand out. She's told Mr.K and I that average is good she doesn't want to study or really apply herself. Right now we are ok with what she want cause she's doing so well but I think when grades really start to count she'll be just like her sister. At 8 she is an old soul, independent, mature, and ready for anything. She got a laptop from Gma for her birthday so she is looking things up, gaming, and typing. She writes me little love notes ever once in awhile and makes me feel so special. She misses the time we had while she was still at home and the bigs were at school. At least once to twice a month I get a call from school that she needs to be picked up, she has this crazy ability to throw her body into a fever and feel sick so they send her home then once she's with me she is fine. Crazy but I understand why she does it. She is also looking into the future and what she wants to do and be, she has is narrowed down to a criminologist and a tattoo artist. We are fully supportive of what she want to do so Mr.K suggested she be a criminologist by day and tattoo artist by night lol. Love it and she thought it was a good idea too. Now as far a living up to her name Avery Ella : Queen of the fairies well I'm not so sure but she is queen cool cat! She's also Mav's Avery Baby still.

ME: I'm good! This year has already brought me many awesome opportunities and I feel veryvery lucky already. I'm loving the designing that I'm doing. Scrapbook makes me so happy. I love that it's not just for me but for the kids and future generations too. I went to California in January and it was a blast I had a wonderful time meeting friends old & new.I can't wait to see my friend Lisa again!! I've made some goals for myself for this year a few I've already accomplished and more that I'm still working on like grabbing my DLSR instead of my phone to snap pics and to spend more time enjoying, living in the moment rather than worrying about things and whether I got the perfect pic to document the moment. I'm still loving all my old stuff and browsing the local places for great finds but I'm trying to simply life so I usually just look. After traveling to California I really got the bug I want and wish I could travel more.I'm so ready for this winter weather to be over with and spring to be here. I'm not good with this talking about me thing so that's it for now :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!~MK


Lisa said…
I love reading about your family and what everyone is up to! Super sweet, and I love how individual each of your kiddos is and how you celebrate each of them for being their own unique selves. Love you, Mrs. K.!! Can't wait for our next meet up!!
justem said…
Love reading about your family!!! You guys are awesome. :)

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