Twelve Things Tuesday

That's right this Tuesday is brought to you by the number 12. I'm going to share twelve wonderful and not so wonderful things I've learned and know right now. K are ya ready?

#1 my grandparents are the smartest people EVER! Seriously, they know everything. Sometimes I have no clue how or where they learned but they did and I'm glad they are passing it along to me.

#2 detergent whether it's dish washing or laundry does not and I mean never ever feel ok in the eye it hurts so bad for hours and hours. Like your eyeball is going thru every cycle the washer has to the point you'd like to pluck it out. That was me yesterday.

# 3 there is no greater or more stressful gift in life than children!

#4 you can love your spouse, they can be your best friend, but they will also be the first person to drive you crazy.

#5 there are stupid people in this world get use to it.

#6 Google has the answers for everything especially all the stuff yOu did not retain in high school.

#7 when the sign says stop you really do have to stop! Don't fool yourself by rolling thru it because you'll never get away with it ask my sister in law.

#8 opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

#9 take the time to enjoy your kids while they are little. Life doesn't rewind it only fast forwards.

#10 just be who you are and people will either like you or they won't. If they don't then it's their loss not yours!

#11 everyone needs to try a lemon drop at least once in their life they are wonderful

#12 live it, love it, laugh about it, be it , do it, enjoy it, remember it.

Do you have a 12? Do share.



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