Saturday, June 03, 2006


This was suppose to be entered on Saturday lol got a little busy and never posted it oops.Could we ever have a nice easy going day where nothing happens? Guess not. I got a call around 2pm to day from Louis at work telling me he was going to be a little late getting home because he had to go the med center for chemical burns on his arms and knees.Well he said it wasn't bad but he showed them to me tonight to doctor and oh my it's bad poor guy I was in pain for him. We have to now watch to make sure he doesn't get infection and he has to have the banadged and cleaned twice a day. On a happier note I got the camera out again today since it was just me and the kids and took some pics Mav actually stood still for a sec.I tried to get some good pics of myself so I could put up and avatar on FH2S but no such lucko cause I hated every one of them I'll have to have Louis take some of me.I did get some scrapping done today that made me happy. This is a picture of Teagan and her Bestest Friend in the whole world Foxy.

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