Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Day

So this morning I get up do the normal things and then I checked my emails and guess what I got an email from Ali Edwards it made my day! I had emailed her last week to see if I could use the Autism Enough is Enough logo below and really I didn't expect to hear from her since she's so busy but she did email me back I'm so happy she's awesome!!!
I have been scrapping quite a bit lately not much to show for the amout of time I have been spending in my little scrap space but what I have so far I am pretty proud of. I think I may try to submit a few things but I am so nervous about it and so affraid of rejection(my biggest fear).I have been submitting for Design Team calls but nothing yet sometimes I get down on myself about that and think maybe my work just isn't good enough who knows. I have gotten good feedback in my galleries but maybe they are just trying to be nice. I will probably try some more. Louis always tells me that I can be on his Design Team lol I'm his only Designer. He has been so supportive of my scrapping and so has my family they all say how great my layouts are but they are family not like they are goign to tell me Mandy that layout really sucks. I get to go scrapbook shopping this week I'm so excited about that my list is getting pretty long.I'm going to scrap today so maybe I will have some new layouts to post later we shall see.

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