Wednesday, September 06, 2006

LIfe changes..

SO tomorrow life changes for the Koeppen's as we know it today. Mav starts school ( wow that gets me teary eyed just typing this and thinking bout it). It's hard to even think that my babies are going to school this fall seems like just yesterday they we born. Were does the time go I will never know. Anyways back to the change we will be getting up early which is a big change since we all liek to sleep till 9a.m. and will be going to bed early too. It is going to be a big adventure loading 3 kids up and taking them to school everday dropping one off waiting a half hour then dropping the next off but Teagan doesn' start school till the 20th so the next 2 weeks is going to be a delight with her lol since she is the one that really wants to go to school. I am a little nervous about taking 3 monsters into the school everyday and leaving with only 1 but I think they will be ok. We went to Mav's class open house lastnight and he really liked it there and has a wonderful teacher Mrs.M.I know this is getting rambley but so many thoughts about life changing are runing through my head this morning and can you believe I have been up since before 6am OMG and I am not a morning person but I have to start being one now.ok I think this is enough till later when I have all my thought in a row.....

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